Primary Cares 24/7 provide people who’ll put the person they support first. Our support workers do extremely well giving practical and emotional support to adults, older people and children. This means being patient, caring, and communicating effectively with them and with others involved in their care. Every person we support has their own needs and personality. Our staffs responsibilities are adapted to suit each individual.

We support vulnerable people in different ways. This varies from mental health problems, learning difficulties, disabilities, recovering addicts, young offenders and those struggling with relationships. An open mind and positive attitude is a necessary characteristic of our support workers. At Primary Carers 24/7 we believe being compassionate, patient and trustworthy are amongst the most valued traits in this role.


Our mental health support workers provide the required care, therapy and assistance to patients with mental illness or developmental disabilities. They provide assistance with daily activities, monitor patients’ conditions and assist in administering therapeutic care. Furthermore, they can work under the direct supervision of a registered nurse as part of a nursing team in various settings that include psychiatric hospitals and residential mental health facilities.

Our support workers are passionate and committed to helping others ensuring people with disabilities are valued and encouraged to take control of their own lives. They have the ability to help people in achieving their full potential, truly making a difference to the lives of those people who they support.

Primary Carers 24/7 provide the most suitable support workers to work in residential settings. Our residential support workers are confident, caring and effective in dealing with physical and emotional needs. They are trained for compact environments, possessing the appropriate range of skills to deal with residential services and community health environments.

Our team leaders are responsible for managing and supporting workers in order to perform their roles safely and to the best of their ability. They support the manager to operate the workplace according to the required standards and legislation. Their duties include developing care plans that outline what care and support individuals need, lead team meetings, process inductions, supervisions and appraisals. They can work in partnership with other professionals to ensure individuals get the support they need.

Our senior support workers are responsible for supporting their team working to standards set by the Care Quality Commission and the local authority. They have a good understanding of the appropriate legislation. Furthermore, they are responsible for making sure all documentation is comprehensive and up-to-date, whether that’s risk assessments, care plans or financial records.

Our early years support workers provide information and support to parents and carers with young children in nursery settings or family support. This includes administrative, practical and organisational tasks. Also to support with learning activities of the children contributing towards the efficient use of resources, quality of care and welfare. They support the needs effectively improving the quality of learning and teaching.


Primary Carers 24/7, the greatest hallmark of our success is the satisfaction of our clients and candidates. The entire team endeavour to deliver care with dignity, equality and respect striving towards raising standards in health and social care.

Our service is based on a person-centred approach to care which is maintained by the enthusiasm and devotion of our team. This ensures both our team and clients are rewarded with an enjoyable and fulfilling place to live and work.

All of our team are given firsthand in depth practical training in our training suite. This makes us fully aware of their skills and capabilities, ensuring we provide all the support needed for each candidate to be fully capable and confident to reach their goals.

We believe our sensitive, caring team provides all the support, motivation and encouragement that’s needed. Our achievements are the combined effort of each individual team member’s passion, commitment and quality of care. The dedication of our team is the foundation of our success.