We offer excellent benefit packages, competitive pay rates, in-house practical training and tailored shifts that suit you. Candidates with previous experience are most welcome. However those individuals with strong work ethics, determination and drive are also welcome, regardless of experience. It’s not necessarily your background in care, it’s the attitude you bring to Primary Carers 24/7 that we value.

Over the years we have worked with some of the best healthcare professionals to refine, specialise and streamline our recruitment process ensuring our service is 100% reliable for you and everybody else. Once you have registered with Primary Carers 24/7 you can rest assured with the finest level of service provided.

Upon registration, a plan of action for your recruitment process will be created and worked through with the consultant you meet. The same consultant will show you the careers we provide and the steps to your ideal career with us. If you have any healthcare experience this will dramatically speed up the whole recruitment process, regardless we can provide all the required training.

At Primary Carers 24/7 we value and appreciate all our team by doing our best making sure each and every one of them is rewarded for their hard work. If you would like to join our team please contact our dedicated recruitment consultants during office hours or complete our online registration form and we will contact you.


PRESENTABLE and approachable being a happy ‘people person’.

RELIABLE, polite and friendly in all situations and scenarios.

IMPROVING the lives of others ensuring care is delivered with dignity.

MAINTAIN and deliver the highest national standards of care.      

ATTENTION to details combined with organised planning is essential.     

RESPECT, good manners and trust, all attributes of your character.

YOU must have good communication and literacy for record keeping.

COMPASSION, kindness and integrity are key values that you uphold.

AWARENESS and responsibility for those individuals receiving care.

REASSURING, encouraging and optimistic in all circumstances. 

EMPATHY concern and sympathy for others, including colleagues. 

RAISING and upholding the core values of each setting you work in.

SUPPORTING individual needs according to their care requirements.

2 always be there 4 others 7 days a week.


Primary Carers 24/7, the greatest hallmark of our success is the satisfaction of our clients and candidates. The entire team endeavour to deliver care with dignity, equality and respect striving towards raising standards in health and social care.

Our service is based on a person-centred approach to care which is maintained by the enthusiasm and devotion of our team. This ensures both our team and clients are rewarded with an enjoyable and fulfilling place to live and work.

All of our team are given firsthand in depth practical training in our training suite. This makes us fully aware of their skills and capabilities, ensuring we provide all the support needed for each candidate to be fully capable and confident to reach their goals.

We believe our sensitive, caring team provides all the support, motivation and encouragement that’s needed. Our achievements are the combined effort of each individual team member’s passion, commitment and quality of care. The dedication of our team is the foundation of our success.