Primary Carers 24/7 is a leading supplier of high quality healthcare professionals delivering people solutions. Through our skilled professional team we consistently support and maintain high levels of care. We can provide the right individual as per requirements adaptable to our client’s specific needs. Our role is to stand by each client giving them peace of mind by always being on hand with the best suited staff.

We benefit from our reputation, connections and knowledge in attaining the most sought-after professionals in healthcare. Everything we do as a company reflects our desire to continually evolve and refine our service for today and tomorrow. We believe in our people and the care they provide, having full confidence in our team. Our expert knowledge and capability allows us to deliver a wide range of staffing solutions.


Our healthcare assistants are helpful and supportive. They are always willing to deal with any situation. The key characteristics of our healthcare assistants are compassion, exceptional teamwork skills and hands on approach with all tasks, personal and non-personal.

We ensure our healthcare assistants are the best with time management and communication.

Our senior carers have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience acquired through their dedication and focus. Their communication and listening skills are second to none. They can step up to any situation and keep themselves composed in all situations.

The service our senior carers deliver is always in accordance to standards, practices, policies and procedures.

All general nurses are intricately assessed on their experience and expertise. This allows us to provide the best skilled nurses as per our client’s requirements. All our nurses are fully aware their responsibilities which can include overseeing the rest of the nursing staff.

They always monitor the health of their patients making sure they are receiving the best care possible.

Our team of registered mental health nurses are dedicated ensuring they are perceptive and competent when working within small or large mental health settings.

There is a variety of mental health settings that require specialist care and experience, which is why we provide the best suitable individuals fulfilling our client’s criteria.

In critical care services we ensure our nurses are performing with a high level of proficiency as well as care due to the particular and uncommon situations that personnel can be subjected to.

A supply of skilful clinicians for specialist nursing homes and Accidents & Emergencies are always on stand-by should a situation arise or escalate. We are always confident providing the best solutions.

We provide permanent staffing solutions ensuring the transition from temporary to permanent is smooth. The candidate is aware and fully capable to meet the requirements. We make the three-way conversation between ourselves, client and candidate take place making sure everyone is happy.


Primary Carers 24/7, the greatest hallmark of our success is the satisfaction of our clients and candidates. The entire team endeavour to deliver care with dignity, equality and respect striving towards raising standards in health and social care.

Our service is based on a person-centred approach to care which is maintained by the enthusiasm and devotion of our team. This ensures both our team and clients are rewarded with an enjoyable and fulfilling place to live and work.

All of our team are given firsthand in depth practical training in our training suite. This makes us fully aware of their skills and capabilities, ensuring we provide all the support needed for each candidate to be fully capable and confident to reach their goals.

We believe our sensitive, caring team provides all the support, motivation and encouragement that’s needed. Our achievements are the combined effort of each individual team member’s passion, commitment and quality of care. The dedication of our team is the foundation of our success.